Undress (2019)

"Undress" is an interactive piece that deconstructs my memory of a fever hallucination that I had last year, and how memories connect to the physical space around us. This first collage shows the details of the exterior and the piece as a whole. I used polymer clay to mold the gut-like candle stand as well as the abstract take on an alarm clock. I printed on a thin piece of white fabric of my feet in different contortions for the center of the dresser. I wanted the dresser to be mainly intact as I added to it, so that it's similar to how we typically interact with the furniture that we grow with.

This second collage is to show the details of each drawer. Each drawer talking about another element of the memory. Some common visual ideas in this piece are how things feel interconnected and how my fever brought such intense feelings of horror in waves. This portrayal of the memory is from my perspective, as I was experiencing both the real world and the hallucination in one room. The first drawer was about how real things and their images were being taken in when I was out of it. I wanted to play with texture as seen with the different fabrics, clay, and woven aspect of the drawer. The second drawer was focused on what I hallucinated, my own body in awful contortions. I felt trapped and wanted to convey this in the string that I layered over the raw edged fabric. The last drawer was focused on the environmental aspect of my own being, as I used paper mache to create the structure, painted it white, and layered with fabric that I printed disfigured self portraits on.

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